Black Cellar Influencer Work

Red Wine. S’mores. Red Wine S’mores.

In the beginning of August our CEO, Connor, was approached by Black Cellar Wine to produce a small body of work to use for promotional efforts. The premise of the shoot was to create Red Wine S’mores using their Malbec Merlot.

We had never heard of Red Wine S’mores before, so we were initially unsure of how this shoot would end up.

The Red Wine S’mores proved more of a task to make than initially anticipated, and they didn’t turn out awesome looks wise, but they did the job. We were more concerned with making the shots look good vs. making the S’mores taste good.

Connor has done a decent amount of influencer work in the past for a variety of companies, but this one was one of his favourites.

Friends, wine, and s’mores on a beach. Summer nights don’t get much better.


Part of the contract required Connor to do a little influencer work by posting a collection of these images on his Instagram account. This post ended up receiving 400+ likes, reaching 1800+ people, and increasing Black Cellar’s Instagram following ~2% (28ish new followers). Not bad for a night at the beach with some wine!

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